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Dos & Don’ts for beautiful & glowing Skin by Dr. Jasbir

Dos & Don’ts for beautiful & glowing Skin by Dr. Jasbir
Dos & Don’ts for beautiful & glowing Skin by Dr. Jasbir

Dos & Don’ts for beautiful & glowing Skin by Dr. Jasbir

Getting perfect, flawless and continuously desired skin that too in natural ways is become absolutely possible with daily skin care practices.

Here are few tips stated & explained by Dr. Jasbir Kaur, one of the expert skin aesthetician & trichologist from Mumbai. Just flick through these tips & understand , tackle your skin care problems .Follow this skin care tips with belief & finds results by yourselves. These skin care tips are intended to make you understand daily skin care, keeping blemishes cornered and enhancing your natural beauty. Whether or not you’ve got time for intensive skin care or not, indulge yourself by understanding the basics of skin care.

Off course that does not mean all skin problems can be treated, cured at home but why not to give a try at home to get glowing beautiful skin before consulting a doctor. Before practicing these tips we want to make you aware that getting glowing, beautiful, natural skin is not an overnight miracle. You have to follow these tips with routine schedule and a self belief that it is going to work out .You will come to know the fact that your skin is glowing when someone will appreciate you for your glowing skin and believe us the feeling of getting complimented is marvellous and of at most self satisfaction.

Here are the secrets of getting beautiful glowing skin :

1. Make up

Wearing heavy make up to look beautiful as your profession demands, doesn’t mind but always remember to clean your face as leaving it throughout the night  will block all the pores which could lead to blemishes ,unwanted hair growth such as black/white heads. Every skin has different grades so you being unaware of solutions don’t just jump on any make up remover believing their taglines, Instead use most common technique of using applying olive oil with a cotton pad & massaging the skin gently.

This will certainly open up the clogged pours & let your skin breath. Exfoliate the skin twice in the week to remove dead skin on outer surface of your skin. It will surely expose inner beautiful skin layer leaving impression of glowing skin. There are different methods but most commonly used method is applying the paste of walnut powder & Yogurt as walnut has excellent antioxidant which helps to remove clogged dirt.


2. Sunlight

Although world is blessed with huge amount of solar energy but directly exposing the skin to sun rays can be harmful & can cause wrinkles ,skin spots , burns & other adverse skin conditions. Always use doctor recommended & best brands to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. & No excuses for sure to remain protected from sunlight.


3. Understanding the importance of  Water

As one of the global truth ,it always reflects on your body what you think & eat as well , properly maintaining the healthy habits such as regular diet ,protein rich food ,Adequate intake of vitamin C, consumption of  low fat & sugar food .Eating fresh fruits ,green vegetables, fresh raw juices & adequate intake of water. Avoid spicy, fermented, salted, Junk food .Follow this & experience your skin starts glowing day by day!.


4. Exercise daily!

Human body is experiencing  lot of toxic parameters everyday due unhealthy lifestyle, habits leaving impure blood & restricting the blood circulation adversely affecting the skin leading dead skin & reducing the glow or texture of a skin. Always sweat it out. Sweating will help you to evacuate every possible toxins present in the body affecting the skin conditions. Never do make up before sweating it out & exercising. Always clean your skin for sweat after exercising, exfoliate if possible and moisturise your skin by applying olive oil .


5. Get adequate sleep

Inadequate sleep will lead to tired body so the skin too so it is always recommended tip by professionals to experience adequate sleeping practices .Apply honey a natural & richest healing ingredient twice or thrice a week to softens the skin & heal it naturally .Don’t forget to clean your face by washing it with water  before going to sleep. Always use cleansers recommended by the experts & specialist doctors so consult first.


6. Stay hydrated !

Water the most required ingredient for the body .Drinking adequate water & staying hydrated always will certainly contribute to increase glow of the skin. Consume rich amounting water food such as watermelons, green vegetables, orange, cucumber doing so your body will always be maintained for PH of your body. Prepare a suitable diet plan suggested by your doctors.


 Pick a Moisturizer with Skin-Repairing Ingredients

Moisturizers can stop dryness and even tearing if your skin is thin and sensitive. Customize yours by checking these active ingredients:

  • Humectants: These include glycerin, sorbitol, urea, or proylene glycol. They attract water by pulling it up from deeper skin layers. They’re good choices for people with oily skin.
  • Occlusives: Petroleum jelly, lanolin, and beeswax are good examples. They prevent water from evaporating.
  • Barrier-repair compounds: These include ceramide, monolaurin, and linoleic acid. These ingredients often used in combination with others like cholesterol. Which Help repair the skin’s barrier to prevent moisture loss and damage.
7. Practice Yoga!

Yoga a divine practice to maintain peace of mind & body .Practicing yoga, meditation techniques to maintain inner peace. If your mind remains calm, your body will. To be beautiful feel beautiful .Yoga will certainly help to reduce anxiety, stress, make a note these practices are performed under guidance of professionals & not at all performed on mere knowledge but practised correctly & under guidance you will definitely achieve harmony in life .

8. Maintain a self discipline & healthy habits

Achieving anything in life is not an overnight miracle, You have to be self disciplined. Always follow self discipline to achieve desired goal. Achieving glowing ,beautiful skin too require a discipline. Today fast life-cycle, unhealthy eating habits are one of the most contributing factors for skin problems. Always maintain, record, take care of your skin because first impression lies in beautiful skin too !


                                                                                               Dr. Jasbir Kaur

                                                                                                                                Skin aesthetician & Trichologist

                                                                                                                                     Dermaessentia Skin & Laser Clinic