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Earlobe Repair

What is Earlobe Repair Surgery ?

Earlobe surgery is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures in India. A person’s earlobes greatly impact the proportions and aesthetics of the face, as well as being an erogenous zone and a place to hang jewelry.


Earlobe reconstruction surgery can repair:

  • Saggy earlobes from years of wearing heavy earrings
  • Unsightly earlobes from improper piercing technique or infection
  • Natural congenital deformities in the shape and size of the earlobe
  • Traumatic injury to one or both earlobes resulting in deformity or scarring
  • Enlarged holes from intentionally stretching or gauging the ears for fashion

The earlobe repair procedure is a fairly simple one, performed under local anesthesia. First, Doctor removes any overstretched or damaged skin. Next, the lobe is stitched back together with stitches to form a natural shape.After 7 days stitches are removed.

Methods vary, but most surgeons use clamps and vertical mattress sutures to minimize the risk of nothing. Lastly, the wounds are dressed with antibiotics and sometimes gauze (when extensive repairs have been done) that remain in place for several days to decrease the risk of infection.

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