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Mole Removal

What is a mole?

A common mole is a colored spot on the skin that develops when pigment cells (melanocytes) grow in clusters. The medical term for moles is melanocytic naevi and most adults usually have between 10 and 40 on their body. Although common moles may be present at birth, they usually appear later in childhood and increase during teenage years. During pregnancy moles often get darker and they can fade away completely from around the age of 50.

What are mole removal options there?

At skin we offer three types of mole removal treatment.

  1. Laser Removal: Smaller moles can be removed with laser treatment, which uses light energy to break down the mole.
  2. Shave Removal: Moles that protrude from the skin can simply be shaved away by a medical practitioner under local anesthetic. This is usually done using a scalpel but is relatively straightforward and painless. A pink mark may be left, which will fade over time.
  3. Excision Removal: Other moles can be cut away via an excision. This procedure is performed under local anesthetic and requires a small stitch in the skin. A small scar will be left, which will fade over time.

What will happen at your consultation?

You will see a doctor or Medical Director thoroughly trained in mole removal treatment at your consultation, who will perform a thorough mole check, advising on whether further removal treatment is required. You may have specific concerns and questions about the different methods of treatment, which your doctor will discuss. The method of removal depends on the size and shape of the mole and will be decided in your consultation.

For the protection of our clients, removed, pigmented moles and some lesions will be sent for expert medical histology analysis. Additional histology charges will be added to removal costs at consultation. Please note, mole removal can only be performed by a doctor.

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